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Spending time at the office should not feel draining. It is the place you work, live and spend most of your time. If you are stuck in a white cube all day you may as well work in a cardboard box.

There are too many people in Melbourne working in offices they hate. We set out to change that.

At Applied Interiors, we are great at transforming old, dusty office spaces into incredible works of interior design art. If you are looking to get away from tradition and create something new, fresh and exciting, then we are the team for you. From the start, we work with you side by side to deliver an office design that reflects your company culture and your personal style. Our team works to turn your vision into reality, going above and beyond expectations to create an office you love.

A great office space should not feel like hard work. But at the same time, it needs to promote functionality and focus, to ensure work gets done. With more than 20 years in office fit outs, specialising in construction, building interior design and carpentry, we have perfected office design. We create design balance life and work, helping you to get the most out of your office, and make it an open space that inspires creativity and growth. We do not design offices for you to fit in like shapes. We create spaces that fit you.

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