Melbourne Workstations

Over the years, workstations have evolved into innovative products that can completely change the design of the office and improve its functionality. Nowadays almost every office you step into has workstations because they are the best way to ensure more privacy for your employees and to provide them with a pleasant working environment.

Our company offers high-quality and completely customisable workstation partitions that can be installed by our well-versed technicians. Whether you are designing a new workspace, or you want to remodel the one you are already using, we will be there to help you find the best solution.

With a wide range of Melbourne workstations from our offer, you can make more storage room for your employees, and even enhance collaboration between them. Everything will be tailored according to your business needs. All you need is to give us a call, and we will set an appointment so we can discuss your requirements in detail and better understand the effect you want to achieve.

If you are ready to experience all these benefits, the experts at Applied Interiors will be at your service in no time, ready to install partitions Melbourne wide. We can help you with everything when it comes to office interiors, whether that’s helping you design and build a commercial space or simply supplying and installing partitions. Call us today for a free quote.

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We Offer Different Types of Workstations

​Depending on the space you are using, you can choose the type of workstation that will fit in perfectly. Straight workstation is one of the most popular solutions. As the name says, it is the liner and has a partition that can be high or low, depending on your needs.

However, companies that need workstations for teams of employees mostly choose clustered ones since they represent a cohesive group of workstations that are placed together. This type can also be a good choice for coworking spaces.

We can provide single-seater workstations that are ensuring a fair degree of privacy while they are comfortable at the same time. These are just some of the examples of how workstations from our offer can be designed, but our services are not limited to these only. Feel free to share your ideas with us, and we will be able to find the solution that exceeds your expectations.

Experienced Staff For the Best Results

Besides providing different types of partitions and workstations, we also offer innovative office design solutions that help our clients make the most out of the space they are using. This means that we will be able to mix and match a winning combination for your office no matter if you need a workstation for one or dozens of employees.

Our personalised approach, knowledgeable staff and attention to detail are a guarantee that you will be more than satisfied by the service we provide. Workstations need to be comfortable and designed to ensure that your employees will be able to work without distraction.

Whether you already have the idea of what the workstations for your office should look like, or you still haven’t found the best solution, we will be there to help you. Our staff will work closely with you and show you examples of our previous work, so you can have a clear image of how the workstation you’ve chosen will look like after we finish our job.

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There is no need to accept ready-made solutions that don’t fit your office because we can provide custom-tailored Melbourne workstations at affordable rates. All you have to do is to give us a call at 03 9034 9336 and we will provide all information you need as soon as possible.

We are open seven days a week, so feel free to contact us at any time. One more thing that keeps us ahead of our competitors is that we provide up-front pricing as well as free quotations. In case you prefer scheduling an appointment online, we encourage you to use the online form on our website. Our staff regularly check our mailbox, so you can expect a reply shortly.

Commercial Designs to Suit Your Budget

We’ve partnered with some of Melbourne’s most talented designers to create and build according to your needs and specifications. We work to all budgets, big and small, to get you the best fitout possible. Call us today on 03 9034 9336 or send us an email to book in for an appointment. We’re looking forward to working with you!