Commercial Office Fitouts of Any Size and Scope in Tullamarine

Open-plan workspaces can create a lot of visual and audible interference that can be distracting. Dividing up the shared space is a practical solution to minimise it. Office partition walls are popular just like cubicle offices or glass partitions and are associated with improved productivity. Whether you choose to divide the workspace into individual cubicles or groups is up to the nature of the work. You can have a designated dining area, a corner for the admin or anything else that you need.

Applied Interiors is a commercial fit-out company that you can trust. From design, planning, and permits to furnishings, we handle all aspects of your office space fit-outs. Our services will be delivered on time and within your budget. We will keep you informed throughout the process to ensure that everything is according to your likes. As industry specialists, we provide innovative solutions to create the perfect workspace for you.

We understand the challenges businesses face when setting up a new office. The right design, furniture, and office interior fit-out can go a long way in inspiring employees and improving productivity. Our team will come up with practical solutions to enrich the working environment of your employees.

Having a sleek and modern office design also creates a positive impact on the clients and partners that walk into your space. We will design and install commercial office fit-outs that not only look amazing but are also functional.

Modern Office Partition Walls at Affordable Prices

As the name suggests, a partition wall is explicitly designed to divide spaces in a room. Partitioning is a valuable addition to any office environment and complements most building designs. Without an effective and well-designed partition, your building will lose decorative flair and practicality.

Here are a few benefits of having partition walls in your office.

  • Privacy: Partition walls minimise noise and visual distractions. Your employees will have the privacy to conduct confidential meetings without disturbing others.
  • Lightweight: Compared to standard load-bearing walls, partition walls are made of exceptionally lightweight material. They are more convenient to install and use.
  • Practical: Partitioning is less disruptive and can divide spaces into rooms. You can set up separate spaces for different teams without disturbing the overall layout of the building.
  • Cost-effective: Getting new walls installed can be expensive when setting up an office. Implementing structural changes can be difficult and time-consuming. Partitions cost a lot less and are more convenient in the long term.
  • Strength: Quality partitioning can withstand vibrations from the top and bottom floors. You can get structural stability by adding heavy doors.
  • Resistance: Stud partition walls can offer sufficient resistance to fire, sound, heat, moisture and mould.

Quick Highlight of Our Fit Out Services

Whether it is office relocation or redesign, we can assist you every step of the way. The layout and interior design make a significant contribution to the success of a business. To ensure that your workspace looks the best, you can leverage our range of office interior fit-outs.

Commercial Shop Fitouts

Depending on the type of business you run, we can create floor spaces and fit-outs accordingly. Our team will consult with you and ensure that everything meets your requirements and is up to the highest possible standards. We not only install new fit-outs but take on renovation jobs as well. Our services include:

  • Store outlets
  • Corner stores
  • Retail spaces
  • Showrooms
  • Convenience stores

From design to installation to the final touches, we can do it all. We will also ensure that everything is in place, just as you envisioned it.

Office Interior Fit Outs

Creating a new office space requires a lot of things to come together. One of the most important things that influence the overall appeal of your workspace is the office space fit-out. Modern-day employees are unwilling to remain secluded in a cramped cubicle with little to no access to natural lighting.

In an era where positive engagement in the workplace is encouraged, you need to adapt accordingly. The interior design layout should promote open yet private workstations. Our designers will construct the bare building and the company that moves in can tweak the interiors by adding fit-outs that embody your brand. We will help you decide on the furniture, colour, fittings, and overall look of your office space. You can come to us for strategic planning or a full-service solution.

Why Rely on Applied Interiors?

It is always exciting to have new office space for your company or business. With rising costs and competition, having work environments that promote productivity is essential. Creating agile workspaces will help you save both money and time. At Applied Interiors, we understand that office culture is a vital factor while designing the space.

Creating office interior fit-outs that amaze your clients and rejuvenate your employees is our speciality. A flexible and collaborative design with lots of space will help you create a more supportive work environment. Here’s why you should choose us.

  • Commercial office fit-outs that meet your vision
  • Innovative design solutions
  • Office storage solution and furniture that works for you
  • Spacey yet private workstations
  • Unique office interior fit-outs
  • Productivity-enhancing designs and layouts
  • Access to expert designers
  • On-time delivery of projects
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