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Office Space Fit-out Design Contractors

Sayam Bothra AECC


“ Great job by Matt and his team at Applied. Always available, very flexible, great value, and quick turnaround. Very happy with the quality of the finishing as well. “

Sayam Bothra AECC


“ We used these guys twice over the last few years. First fit-out was a fairly small job, just a partition office and the second one was a full office fit-out in our latest warehouse in Albion. Matt and his team did the job on time and were priced better than all the other companies we asked for quotes. At least these guys call you back when they say they will, as we had to chase up all the others. Would definitely use again. “

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Sayam Bothra AECC


“ Matt and the Applied Interiors team transformed our upstairs office space into a showroom area. We had a tight deadline and their team worked around the clock to finish the project, the space looks fantastic and they’ve always been accomodating to ensure the final product turned out exactly the way we wanted. “

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First we assess how you are currently working. Then we help you define how you would like to work.

We develop concepts and solutions to create a workplace that is as unique as your business.


We use a meticulous technical programme to protect you from risks.


We work with diligence and speed to meet delivery and installation timelines with precision.


There’s a lot to think about on your move day and we will be there to assist with the transition.


As your business evolves, your workplace will too. We will be there to respond to any changing needs.